What is God doing? Pt. 1

What is God up to in my life? This is a question I tend to ask myself quite frequently. I hope if you are truly passionate about your walk with the Creator of heaven and earth, you ask yourself this same question also. So, here is my answer to what God is presently doing:

God has called me, along with Brandon and Autumn Cannon and Heath and Hayley Croft, to Bowling Green Kentucky to plant a church. “Plant a church,” you say? “Yep, you read it right.”

I honestly cannot begin to explain how excited, yet scared I am about this transition in my life. Church planting has been a desire of my heart for the last several years. At one time, I was just ready to go. Alaska, Asia, North Pole, or Timbuktu. I was ready right then. However, wisdom encouraged me to wait.

As I read through the New Testament, that desire was continually fed. I wanted to be one of those that laid my life, as I know it now, down and transplant somewhere else. Being a “comfortable christian” is exactly what I DO NOT want to be in life! I, we, should have that inner-most desire to press and push farther than we ever have to see the degree that God wants to use us in.

My main goal in life is to please my Maker! And for that to happen, I have to be flexible and mobile enough to hear His voice when he speaks. That said, I am following His lead into uncharted territory (for myself). I have questions. I need answers. But what is faith if everything is handed to me? Faith is stepping into the unknown parts of life, and believing God is there with us even though we do not always have the assurance of Him being there.

I will continue this post tomorrow. If you have any questions, feel free to as away and I will try my best to answer them! God bless!


About jameyo

I am a friend, son, and a brother. Jesus Christ is my Lord and I am willing to do anything and everything to tell everybody about Him!
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