Dear Church, Part 1


Dear Church,

You all the time tell me I need come. That I need to get saved. Saved from what? I know many people who come, but do the same things I do. You tell me you love me. That you care for me. But when I came, no one spoke to me. I got many defaming stares. “Why is he here?” “I know his past!” I had never felt so uncomfortable in my life. I came, as you asked, but I won’t be back. You have always spoke of power! Freedom! Victory! But I did not experience it. I see people who claim these qualities but lie, gossip, cheat, and steal everyday. I know that no one is perfect, but don’t demean me for having a troubled life when you aren’t perfect either. I just wanted someone to listen. Someone to care. Someone to understand. Someone to give me a glimmer if hope. I did not find that. Thanks for your time.

Looking for something


About jameyo

I am a friend, son, and a brother. Jesus Christ is my Lord and I am willing to do anything and everything to tell everybody about Him!
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