The Cause Within You

This book is definitely a MUST READ for anyone. I recently finished it and was completely blown away.

It is not a book filled to the brim with scripture references, theological stances, or ten step processes. It is simply a book about Matthew Barnett’s passion, calling, and the heartbeat of God. This book is about getting down to the nitty-gritty, laying our American dreams aside, rolling our sleeves up and serving the crap out of some hungry, needy, and dying people. It laid out a challenge for me. I realized, AGAIN, that I have become a comfortable christian. This book makes you want to throw everything aside and serve people. It makes you want to become addicted to serving others. I honestly couldn’t get enough of it

This is a summary of a paragraph on page 148: Matthew and a friend were watching ESPN at 10:30 one night when they had an itch to serve someone. The only way that it could be scratched was to get up and find someone to serve. They drove around until they found a homeless person, picked him up, and bought him some food.

Serving is addictive. This book tells Pastor Matthew’s story and other stories who have been impacted by the Dream Centers ministry. I personally had the opportunity to hear Pastor Matthew and to meet him at All Access 2011 and SEE the PASSION he truly has for serving others.

I encourage you to read this book ASAP.

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I am a friend, son, and a brother. Jesus Christ is my Lord and I am willing to do anything and everything to tell everybody about Him!
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3 Responses to The Cause Within You

  1. I couldn’t agree more! I’m still reading the book (currently in Chap 9) and it’s shaken my world! So many times we make ministry so hard to do, with all the procedures and steps to take—it loses meaning fast! But when you’re heart is as Matthew’s on page 148, ministry isn’t a struggle, a drain, or even an obligation—it’s the best addiction you can have!

  2. saradollar says:

    Glad you enjoyed the conference and got to meet Matthew. Can’t wait to see and hear the success @ RLC 🙂

  3. Jackie Paulson Author says:

    My book arrived today! I love to read. Great post.

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