Give Me That


Why is it that some people can have everything in the world, and they still want more and more and more? Has anyone else ever wondered this?

For example, take Judas. This dude had things that most Christians would give anything to have. He walked with Jesus. Talked with Jesus. Traveled with Him. Roomed with Him. He even had Jesus pray for him. This would be the most awesome thing ever. To spend this time with Christ! Sadly, he started looking at things he didn’t have instead of what he did have! “Why can’t I have money?” “I have layed my life down to follow Jesus, and I’m broke.”

Take Tiger Woods. He has money, fame, and had a great wife and family. He had a life that most would kill for. But, he wanted something that he didn’t have. In turn, it cost him shame, guilt, and his family.

Life has parameters! God has set boundaries and guidelines for our lives!

The enemy desires to make us dwell on things that we don’t have. It makes us question God and question if he genuinely cares for us. And if not properly handled, will lead us into a life of destruction.

How many marriages have been destroyed because of affairs? How many jobs have been lost because we wanted another position? How many friendships have been destroyed because of jealousy?

Paul tells us to be content in our circumstances. Philippians 4:11

Are you living a content life? Our always wanting more than you have?


About jameyo

I am a friend, son, and a brother. Jesus Christ is my Lord and I am willing to do anything and everything to tell everybody about Him!
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1 Response to Give Me That

  1. Jackie Paulson Author says:

    Yes Jesus has a guide IF people will read his words. I have read the bible 7x cover to cover and love him so much. My my what words to use here. Glorifying God is all we need to do. I have lost everything and now I am seeking the CAUSE as in the book by Matthew Barnett and I hope to find more fulfilling work b/c all the “secular” jobs that I get – I end up leaving them. I had a great job but found out the employees steal money from the owner, then I did security and the boss is an athiest and I tried to witness many times in a year: no avil. I quit, he just used his male ego to put me on the spot or down as a woman in that field and I had enough. God has a bigger better plan and I won’t stop till I figure it out. Thanks brother Jameyo!

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