Tough Time

imagesCA7SXKPGHave you ever went through a rough time? Something you never think you are going to survive through? I sure that’s going to be a unanimous “YES!” I know I have been through some extremely tough situations in my life. I can remember when I was young in my faith and something bad was happening everyone would always quote Romans 8:28 ” all things work to the good to them that love the Lord and who are called according to His purpose.” I’ve heard that so many times, and many of those times I wanted to scream, “Yeah? You don’t understand what I’M going through.” “You don’t feel the way I feel.” “You don’t hurt the way I hurt.” Frankly, I didn’t want to hear that scripture anymore. Don’t judge me, ye judgers of people. I’m sure you have thought something similar at sometime before! 🙂

When we are going through a tough time it is extremely hard, if not impossible, to see the outcome. We want to. We strive to. But it is just flippin’ hard! We have so many thoughts and emotions going on that we tend to look in the “now” instead of looking ahead! Why is it so hard? While reading through Acts 8, I discovered a little nugget of truth that is very encouraging during hard times. Acts 8:1 tells us that Saul was on a rampage! He had just been at the stoning of Stephen and had permission to put anyone who followed Jesus into the slammer. Or as Rosco on The Dukes of Hazzard says, “The hoosegow!”

We can see it was not going to be pretty for the followers of Christ in Jerusalem.  I can only imagine the thoughts and feelings these folks were thinking. All the persecution they could and would face for serving Jesus? I would definitely say they were  going through some hard times and not seeing the end. They probably didn’t want to. A life of pain, torture, and possibly even death! So what did they do? They scattered! Packed up there families, belongings, got on their Donkey Z-71 and high-tailed it throughout Judea and Samaria.

This next part is my favorite. Verse 4, “and all those that were scattered went everywhere preaching the word.” How awesome is that? They were going through hard times, even had to leave their homes, jobs, and everything they knew, but they still preached the word.

Sharing Christ is how we get through tough times! We do not clam up! We do not get mad and pout! We preach Christ! I have to think that this was God’s plan to take this terrible and hard time and turn it for the good. These folks helped pioneer God’s truth and spread His word the whole world. It was not all the disciples that spread the Word. It was those having a tough time in life!

Hang in there! Be tough during the tough times!

Do you have trouble seeing the end of a trial while you are in it?

Have you been able to look back at a hard time and see how it worked out for the good?


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I am a friend, son, and a brother. Jesus Christ is my Lord and I am willing to do anything and everything to tell everybody about Him!
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