Open That Door

imagesIn our Men’s Life Group, we are discussing the adventures and life of the Apostle Paul. Recently, a great point was brought up!

Acts 14:27 “… they called the church together and reported everything God had done through them and how he had opened the door of faith to the Gentiles, too.”  This is an awesome scripture speaking of how God opened doors for them to share Christ, but let’s back up a few verses and take a gander at some things.

Paul and Barnabas are traveling through Galatia preaching Christ. They stop off in Iconium and see many believers accept the gospel. But, many Jews poisoned the minds of the Gentiles to not believe (v.2). Then a mob came after them to attack and stone them (v.5). So, they fled to Lystra where the people thought they were Greek gods (v.12), then the people got mad and stoned Paul…to death (v.19). After the believers prayed for Paul, God raised him back to life and Paul and Barnabas continued on to Derbe where they saw many conversions. Afterward, these guys went back through these towns in Galatia that tried, and did, take their lives.

Wait a minute…you mean these crazy jokers went back to the towns that stoned them? Yes they did! Finally, in v. 27 they thanked God for the open door in these cities.

So, I’m thinking that after someone tries to take my life for preaching Christ, this ole boy IS NOT going back there, and I most definitely will not have anything good to say about it. I’m going to pack my toys and run straight to momma. No ifs, ands or buts about it. I’m done.

But Paul, saw the good in the circumstance. It was an opportunity to show Christ in him. To show how God worked through him. I wrote an earlier post about tough times and I believe this would be considered tough times for Paul, but he looked for an open door. Yes, great things did happen, but many times, we humans can have 100 good things happen and 1 bad thing and we focus on the bad thing. We MUST always look for the open door in the bad and good times.

Have you ever had an open door during a rough time?

Have you missed an open door?


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I am a friend, son, and a brother. Jesus Christ is my Lord and I am willing to do anything and everything to tell everybody about Him!
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